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Kids Running for Kids encourages our kids to adopt active lifestyles through both physical health and community involvement.


Kids Running for Kids is looking to establish a partnership between educators, local businesses, parents, and children that promotes an ongoing love for personal enrichment and physical health. It is our goal to become a source of inspiration across communities and to equip our youth with a strong foundation for learning and being healthy.


Kids Running for Kids is a community-wide initiative that promotes education, physical fitness and community outreach in our youth. K – 8th graders will make a difference by running a race by which all proceeds will go to support CISD’s initiative, Read for a Better Life. Families and our community will impact future generations as we invest in our kids’ fitness, encourage a lifelong commitment to learning, and create a strong foundation for social responsibility. Read for a Better Life is a call to action for parents, guardians, and volunteers to cultivate a culture of reading and learning among students of all ages. The goal is to read aloud to students for at least 30 minutes a day. For more information visit

This year we are asking for participants to donate for Harvey victims in the school district.
We recommend $10 gift cards to WalMart or Target or grocery stores.

Celebration Church
The Woodlands Township
Woodforest National Bank

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